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Saturday, 30 March 2019

A Tribute To My Dream Birthday Party

If you follow me on Insta, you'll know that about 2 weeks ago I held a birthday party with a theme for the books but I must admit that it wasn't all just immediately fairy lights and scatter cushions. Finding a theme that would be perfect for my 16th took months (yes, I'm that much of a perfectionist 😂) and when I found it I was a bit scared of how I would even go about recreating the perfect Pinterest picture in my garden. Enter Sweat Pea & Lush, my birthday party saviour.

After days of scrolling through Pinterest, I eventually found a theme that stole my heart. A Bo-Ho Chic Garden Party. The only question left in my head now besides what I would wear was "How?" and thankfully Sweat Pea & Lush knew exactly how to make my dreams a reality. 

Mira from  Sweat Pea & Lush was every teen girl's ultimate decor planner. She knew exactly what I wanted to recreate and brought that previously unrealistic Pinterest to life in my garden in a few hours. 

A huge thank you must go out to Mira & her team for creating my dream 16th! This birthday party theme is perfect for any Teen girl who dreams of a magical birthday party. If you're dreaming of a Pinterest recreation or even just to have a small, special gathering, The Sweat Pea & Lush team are the ultimate decor planners who can without a doubt turn your dream into reality! 

Hope you enjoyed this little tribute to my dream birthday party and if you have any dream birthday party themes make sure to pop them in the comments below! 


Saturday, 16 March 2019

How to Revamp Your Skin with Lulu & Marula

Today on Totally Teen, we're going to be diving a little deeper into a few products that have only been in my Beauty Basket for 2 weeks but have absolutely changed my skin in so many gorgeous ways! 

If you've been keeping up with my story rants about my newest skincare brand obsession then you'll know that about 2 weeks ago I received a life changing package from Lulu & Marula. I've been using my products every day since then and the results are so life changing that I knew I had to do a fab write up for you guys to check out! So let's get started ;)

The ultimate teen skincare saviour absolutely has to be this amazing kit that contains all the essentials suited to help teens with their acne or oily skin types. 

In the kit: 

This balm is perfect to use as a makeup remover because it not only removes your makeup but cleanses your skin at the same time. It's also super easy to use. All you need to do is massage it onto your makeup and wash off with warm water. It leaves your skin feeling soft, glowing and smelling  delicious ;) 

One of the best purifiers I have ever used and I've tried a whole blog post full of masks!  (Click here to check that out) This mask and exfoliator leaves my skin with an indescribable feeling and my skin tone has been the brightest and evenest it has ever been since I've started using this product.

Next is the product that initially sparked my love for Lulu & Marula, this tonic mist is undeniably the best mist and setting spray I have ever used. Despite it not being classified as a setting spray it still works wonders with keeping my makeup on and looking fresh. It protects my pores and keeps my skin radiant all day long, definitely one of my new must haves! 

And now for my ultimate rant. With this product alone you could possibly describe Lulu & Marula as one of the best South African skincare brands. Sponsored or not sponsored it's my job to give you all an honest review and well, here it is. This purifying treatment oil has changed the game. Gone are the days when my skin looked dry and blotchy. My new fave product has alleviated my acne scars and frown lines and has hydrated my skin intensely. This is definitely one product I will never live without!

When to use: 

Morning & Night: 8 drops of the Purifying Treatment Oil and then 3 sprays of the Refreshing Tonic Mist 

Twice a week before your oil and mistPurifying Mask and Polish 

When removing makeup: Balancing Cleansing Balm

It's time to revamp your skin and these products are the only way to go about it! If you are looking for gorgeous, clean and radiant skin then you'll never go wrong with any product from  Lulu & Marula, every teens new fave skincare brand. 



Saturday, 9 March 2019

An Extra-Ordinary Experience at Pug Rescue SA

About 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Pug Rescue SA as a volunteer and I was honestly blown away. My feelings toward this amazing shelter have urged me to come on here to write about the amazing work they do, how you can support them and why we teens should be helping out in our community more! 

Pug Rescue SA is a right-to-a-quality-home shelter that has become the voice for pugs all over South Africa and they are doing exceptional work. The shelter provides a place to live for over 125 pugs at any given time and has also become a retirement home for pugs that have are too old or have illnesses  that prevent adoption. Pug Rescue is also home to Pickle, a dwarf pug that immediately stole my heart! 

Pug Rescue has become a beacon of hope for shelter's all over South Africa. In a world full of so much negativity and suffering, it has become a place of positive energy, pure compassion and commitment. When I visited Pug Rescue I was blown away by the passion of everyone who works there. To them, it really isn't a job and I think that is something everyone, especially teens can learn from. 

Whenever we're faced with the task of completing community service as teens, we immediately associate it as a schlep. But why shouldn't we be giving back to our community's organisations when they do so much for us? 

Pug Rescue SA has protected and saved thousands of animals in our community and we owe it to them to give them the support they need! We all need to be involved in something as amazing as this organisation! Community service provides us with a sense of reality, with the reality of suffering so present in our world however it also inspires us with hope, compassion and the urge to spread kindness and that is why it is so important to volunteer and get involved. Because in a world that suffers with darkness, when we see the light we need to nurture it. 

Pug Attack! ;) 

Get involved with Pug Rescue today by visiting their page to volunteer or make a donation!  


Today's blog post is dedicated to one of the most compassionate women in the world. Mitzi - You are truly a ray of sunshine. Happy Birthday. 

Saturday, 2 March 2019

One Of The Most Important Life Lessons I've Learned As a Teen

About 2 weeks ago, one of the world's best breaststroke swimmers and South Africa's first post-apartheid Olympic gold medalist, Penny Heyns, came to our school to give a talk. I'm not going to lie and tell you that I was over-the-moon excited about this, I'm not a swimmer, had only heard of her once prior to her talk and had blindly assumed that I would was about to be given an hour and a half lecture about why I should drop my books and dive into a freezing cold pool. I'm sure you understand how truly excited I was. 

The minute I sat down in the hall I got comfy in my seat and was about to practice an act I'm quite talented in, sleeping with my eyes open. 😂 However, the minute Penny started speaking I realised that this wasn't one of those talks and I was instantly drawn into her story. 

Now, I'm not going to write up Penny's whole talk for you and steal your opportunity to watch an utterly fantastic woman inspire you but instead I'm going to talk about her main message: 

Your goals are just dreams if they are not written down. 

A lot of my friends often laugh at the fact that I have an extremely detailed life plan already and I too often marvel in being so "organised." But am I really? What separates my life goals from being little, "dreams"? Because even though I have them, they aren't written down. They aren't set in stone. 

 The minute Penny said this I knew I needed to not only embody it but to share it too. I truly believe it is extremely important for all teenagers to have goals and to reach them too. So yes, they don't just shove goal planning down our throats in LO for nothing ;) You probably have a muddled idea of where you want to go or you're just going with the flow for now which is perfectly fine, but every moment is precious. Every second we have should be used to make the best out of the lives we have been gifted. And so, you don't need to know where you're going, no one knows where their path is going, but it's up to you to make sure you're headed in the right direction! 

So stop what you're doing for just a moment today and write down where you want to go and how you're going to get there.  Have a plan. You are the author of your destiny so start your blank page with your goals and a plan to reach them and marvel in your pride when you get to cross them off and know that you're going places! 

I hope this inspired you to believe in your path, to believe that you can't plan it exactly but you can control it's direction. 


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