by Chloe Victor

Friday, 25 January 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Cruising The Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises

Welcome to Week 2 of me reminiscing about my dream holiday! Oh how I wish to be back on a beach in Antigua :( Although I'm definitely not sitting on a beach sipping virgin cocktails but instead getting back into the grind, I'm so grateful to have all of my fab snaps and videos to remind me of the Holiday of The Lifetime! After lots of requests to share these snaps I have decided to turn it up a notch ;) And so, welcome to my first ever Vlog that is on my brand new YouTube Channel, Totally Teen! I'm so excited to be turning up the heat around here and can't wait for what the future has in store! 

Anyways, sit back and enjoy this little snippet of my favourite snaps from my Caribbean Cruise with my new fave cruise company, Celebrity Cruises as well as a little bit of the storyline from this insane trip! 

Day 1: An embarkation day full of smiles and giggles as we boarded the most glorious cruise liner I have ever been on! 

Day 2: St Thomas Island Tour lead us into a cobblestoned town full of exclusive boutiques. 

Day 3: Spent the last day of 2018 aboard a Catamaran in St Kitts & Nevis! I know right! Honestly the best way to end an extremely busy yet successful year ;) 

Day 4: The first day of 2019 and the best day of my life! My favourite place in the whole world, Antigua, lead us on an adventure of zip lining in the forest as well as beach hoping and visiting a super cool beach bar via tiki boat transport after which we ended the day off by watching the sunset & sail away on top of the exclusive helipad onboard the beautiful Celebrity Summit!  

Day 5: Our adventure in St Lucia lead us to the only drive in volcano in the world after we enjoyed a traditional Creole lunch! Although the volcano was way too smelly for my liking ;) it was truly an out of this world experience! 

Day 6: Barbadosssssss Babyyyyyy! I have no words to describe this luscious island! After swimming with baby turtles which I actually got to touch!!! we sailed to see Rihanna's beautiful beach villa and walk on a beach fit for a Queen. 

Day 7: A day to reflect on a truly amazing holiday, all the amazing food, crazy silent discos ;) and sip virgin cocktails whilst relaxing on our beautiful boat. 

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to share this post with anyone who is keen to cruise the Caribbean ;) 



Friday, 18 January 2019

35 Photos That Will Put Puerto Rico On Your Bucket List

Ola! Happy 2019 to all you fabulous readers! Welcome to my first post of 2019, which I'm sure you're going to adore. In this post I'll be sharing some amazing snaps I took in Puerto Rico which has quickly become one of my favourite holiday destinations! From the beautiful sunsets & beaches, which if you're following me on Instagram you'll already have had a sneak peak of these ;), to the amazing, friendly people. Puerto Rico is the ultimate destination for relaxation, I guess there's just something about listening to amazing latin music whilst sipping Rose Lemonades on the beach ;) 

So sit back and enjoy these amazing photos and make sure to share this post with family and friends that are looking for the ultimate relaxation vacay or if this post inspires you to visit my fave holiday destination! P.S since this holiday was the absolute BEST holiday I have ever been on, this blog post will be part of a series of travel blogs I will be posting over the next couple weeks, so stay excited! 

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