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Friday, 18 October 2019

The 2019 Summer Wishlist

As I sit here, hitting the love buttons on all my favourite pieces online, it's 32 degrees and wow, I'm cooking! But, I am more than grateful for all the sunshine because it means that summer is officially here! You know what that means, pool days, a golden tan and a Shopping Spree... There's one thing I love more than scorching summer days, sitting by the pool and shopping for the seasons hot, new pieces ;) So I thought that I would share my Summer Wishlist with you all. All my favourite summer trends, the items I definitely won't be hitting the beach without, all in one blog post! 
Hope you enjoy xx 

Silk Skirts

Linen Summer Pants 

Happy Summer shopping! 


Sunday, 6 October 2019

POSH Picks: Spring & Summer Skirts

Hello Spring! We missed you & all the absolutely gorgeous patterns and fabrics that come with your reappearance! 

Speaking of fabrics, are you more of a florals or bright colour pop type of girl? POSH can't get enough of both! And we can't get enough of the new maxi skirt trend either ūüėĽ So we thought that we would pop onto the POSH Edition to celebrate the long awaited return of Spring with our fabulous favourite skirts from the season! Hope you enjoy all our favourite skirts!

Newlook Maxi Floral Skirt

Chlo√© & POSH 


Sunday, 29 September 2019

Beauty Ride or Dies

The other day, whilst aimlessly scrolling through South African Skincare Blogs I came across a Youtube video by the South African Skincare duo, All Dolled Up. The video featured the two ladies who run the blog's makeup ride or die's. So I thought it would be super fun to let you in on my version of this! In this blog, I'll be spilling all about my favourite beauty products in each skincare section. And, if you all enjoy this, I could let you in on my new makeup favourites too!  Let's jump right in.

Toner: Pradiance Balancing Facial Toner 

I absolutely adore this Facial Toner from the South African Brand, Pradiance. It is the first step in my skincare routine. Their brand has recyclable packaging, no animal testing and biodegradable ingredients too! All the more reason to love them. This toner is great at fixing an unbalanced or blotchy complexion and my skin always feels smother and cleaner after I use it. I also swop it out occasionally with the Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Toner. It also works great as a pre and post makeup hydrating spray! 

Face Wash - Pradiance Face Wash 

I have never loved a face wash this much! Every time I hop in the bath, the first thing I do is cleanse my face with this fab product. It smells amazing and it is a very effective cleanser. It's also a great makeup cleanser. Definitely repurchasing this when it's finished!

Face Mist - Av√®ne Eau Thermale 

One of my all time favourites. I will never live without this Eau Thermale from Av√®ne. I use it after my makeup and it is hands-down the best setting spray I've ever had. I also use it to cool down my skin, take away redness or hydrate and refresh. I adore that it comes in different sizes too, so that you can pop it in your bag wherever you go for a midday refresher. 

Acne Cream - TriAcn√©al Expert 

Vraiment, J'adore Avène. Is it just be or are all their products fabulous? Anyway, this is my go to cream for marks or imperfections that just won't go away! It's also really fab at curing blotchy skin tones.

Acne Prevention - Sk.In Ingredients Pure 

You all already know about the acne prevention spray that I'm obsessed with. If you don't know though, pop on over to this blog post find out how I stopped my teenage acne. 

Teen Talk: Miracle Acne Solution

Purifying Oil - Lulu & Marula Purifying Treatment Oil 

I have mentioned this product so many times on my IG! (@gowiththeechlo) I will repurchase this product from one of my favourite brands, Lulu & Marula for the rest of my life! It's perfect in drawing out blind pimples and is the cure for acne scaring.

Day Serum - Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum

The first thing I do in the morning is pop this beauty on. It is a fabulous day serum and leaves my skin feeling bright and plump for the rest of the day

Night Serum - Pradiance Illuminating Night Serum 

There's no sleeping without this little beauty gem. Another great product from Pradiance, this night serum does exactly what's in the name: illuminates. It's thanks to this skin save that my face is always bright and ready for the next day.

Hydrating Cream  - Hydrance Optimale 

If you don't use this product, you have to have dry skin. Seriously, I don't know what I did before this. I apply it in the morning before my Eau Thermale and after my Day Serum. I often mix it with the Drunk Elephant Intensive Hydration Serum because I hate having dry skin but it works fabulously on its own too. I also apply it as a makeup primer, since doing this, I've had no more caked or cracked foundation! The answer to all my beauty prayers!

Lip Repair - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream 

I absolutely detest cracked or dry lips. I just can't function with them and whenever they arrive, I absolutely cannot get rid of them. I'll apply 3 tubes of lip-ice and they just seem to get worse. Until, I found the solution. The Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream is the best fix to cracked lips. After application, they immediately soften up and become more plump. And the best part is, the softness doesn't just fade away after 10 minutes.

Micellar Lotion - Av√®ne Micellar Lotion 

I'm a big believer in Micellar Lotion. I personally think it works best for my sensitive skin and it cleanses most efficiently. It's also the best way to take off makeup and cleanse a sweaty face after an intense gym session. 

Eye Cream - The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream 

If I've had a long night, and my Chanel eye bags have re-appeared, I love quickly applying this soft cream to the tops of my eyelids and under my eyes to ask them to politely return to where they came from. 

Sunblock - Pradiance SPF 30 Sun Stick

I'm honestly so bad at putting sunblock on. I always forget to do it but it is so important for your skin!   However, I love this little sun stick. It's so easy to apply the sunblock from it and is small enough to pop in your bag and take it everywhere to reapply throughout the day. This solved my sunblock neglecting ways immediately! 

And there you go, the absolute best products to use for sensitive teenage skin! Hope you enjoyed! Let  me know if you try them out! 


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