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Friday, 21 December 2018

15 Genius Packing Hacks - Tricks for the Smart Traveller

Wow, it's hard to believe that in a few days I'll be jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime! But I must admit, the fact that I've only done a tiny bit of packing is definitely getting the stress levels rising. Thankfully I don't have to go into total meltdown mode thanks to these 15 packing hacks I've picked up over my travels. They're helping me keep my calm and have reduced the packing freak out drastically and so I knew I needed to share these for everyone else that's jetting off to some fab destinations this summer!

1. String necklaces through your metal straws (or plastic if you don't have some of these in trend environment savers) 

2. Pop some rings or earrings in an empty pill box to prevent the loss of your fave accessory 

3. Fasten bigger earrings through the holes of a button 

4. Use the cloth bags that your shoes or handbags came in or any ziplock packet to store your delicates. You can later use these to store dirty laundry 

5. Store your shoes sole-side down in a shower cap to prevent them from dirtying your clothes

6. Slip your breakables inside socks for extra protection 

7. Use an empty sunglass pouch to store your chargers & earphones

8. Help a floppy hat keep it's shape by placing sarongs, scarfs or small soft items into the crown of the hat and storing it flat at the bottom of your suitcase 

9. Create a packing checklist so you don't forget any must-haves! 

10. Pack heavier items at the bottom of your bag 

11. Pack an extra bag for dirty laundry (see hack 4) 

12. Roll your clothes to optimise your space and prevent creasing 

13. Place your beauty products that could leak into individual Ziplock bags 

14. Only pack what you will wear not what you think you'll wear - always plan your outfits before the trip 

15. Store your socks inside your shoes 

Are you jetting off on a summer vacay?! Make sure you check out these beach bag must haves for the Summer ;) 

These 15 genius hacks are going to make packing for all of your trips completely effortless! 
If you know of any more genius packing hacks, let me know in the comments below! 



Saturday, 15 December 2018

11 Powerful Face Masks for Flawless Skin & The Exclusive MaskMe Thursday Challenge

Wow, wow, wow I love Christmas. The food, the food and the food is just so amazing, *drool*. Okay, I'm partially joking, there are definitely other amazing things about Christmas but one of them definitely is not the breakouts us teens are subject to after eating the Ultimate Meal on Christmas Day. That being said, this is the perfect time of year to introduce my MaskMe Thursday Insta Challenge (scroll to read all the fab details) 

Hence, I've put together my long list of masks for ANY skin type from my favourite mask brand, Skin Republic. This is not a sponsored post, I just adore all of their miracle products! All of these masks can be purchased online here or at any Dischem, Clicks or Local Pharmacy for insanely reasonable prices! 

MaskMe Thursday Insta Challenge

Totally Teen Tribe, join me for a fabulous challenge to cleanse, hydrate and PERFECT our skin! 

Every Thursday I will be popping one of these super cool, super affordable, super skin savers onto my face and sharing which one I used on my Insta page & stories with the hashtag: 


If you're keen, keen, keen to perfect your skin and join me on this challenge, get involved in the fun by sharing your Mask Selfie on your story/ page, tag my Insta (@gowiththeechlo) and use our fabush hashtag! 

Girls & Guys let's have some fab fan (because we all know face masks are just that amazing!) by hopping into this challenge and perfecting our skin! I would love to hear your MaskMe Thursday Experiences so that I can share them along with your fab Mask Selfies here on the blog, for my Month of MaskMe Review in January! Pop into my mails!

24K Gold Peel Off Mask 

If you follow me on my Insta you'll know that I live with this face mask on! 

Benefits & Uses: 

Anti-aging benefits (It's actually very important to start using a few anti-aging products at a young age to prevent any early onset of wrinkles or ageing signs. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure ;) ) 

The fruit acids exfoliate your skin for a brighter and more luminous complexion 

Pink Clay Mud Sheet Mask

Benefits & Uses: 

Boosts radiance 

Reduces Pigmentation 

It's also amazingly mess-free 

And my fave part of this mask, it unclogs, tightens and cleanses pores! 

Volcanic Ash Mud Sheet Mask 

Benefits & Uses: 

The amazing volcanic ash cleanses and refines the skins pores 

Fruit Acids exfoliate the skin and bring out your brightest, evenest skin tone 

Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask 

Benefits & Uses: 

Contains both Charcoal & Green Tea, so it provides a DOUBLE detoxifying process 

Liquorice in the mask brightens and evens out your skin tone

Bubble Purifying & Charcoal Face Mask

Possibly the best face mask I've ever used!

Benefits & Uses:  

Creates an oxygenated effect that cleans, refines and detoxifies pores

Fruit Acids exfoliate and brighten your skin for the ultimate youthful skin appearance 

Spots & Blemish  (Anti-spot & Pore Refining) Mask 

One to solve all our teen skin problems ;) 

Benefits & Uses: 

Helps to clear blemishes 

Cleans & reduces pore appearance 

Reduces shininess & redness 

CoQ10 & Caviar Sheet Mask 

Benefits & Uses: 

Hydrates and nourishes dried out skin 

Reduces redness 

Revitalises the skin 

Soaked in the best vitamins & proteins for your skin 

Prep & Glow Sheet Mask 

An ultimately fab mask Skin Republic has created in collaboration with Olivia Buckland, Love Island personality & model, to ensure every teen is selfie ready in seconds1 

Benefits & Uses: 

The perfect primer to ensure the easiest makeup application & the best makeup look 

Reveals your natural radiant glow 

Helps makeup go on easily and last longer 

Super charged with Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration 

Retinol Hydrogel Mask 

Benefits & Uses: 

Retinol charged hydrogel sheet mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles 

Promotes firm skin 

Helps prevent wrinkles & ageing 

Hydrates the skin 

24K Aquagel Gold Under Eye Patch 

Yep, people on Insta don't just use these to look cool (I was a bit shook too after finding out) but instead they're super beneficial for your skin ;) 

Benefits & Uses: 

Illuminates the eyes, the gateway to the soul ;) 

Conceals any visible signs of ageing 

Helps makeup go on smoother and last longer 

2 Step Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask 

Benefits & Uses: 

Fruit enzymes eliminate dry & dull skin 

Brightens and evens your skin tone 

Firms your skin to promote young, fresh skin ;) 

I am so excited to start this truly fab challenge with my Tribe! Get your masks ready and prepare to have the most flawless skin! 2019, we're coming for you ;) 

If you have any other mask recommendations I would love to hear them! 



Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Spectacular Gift Guide: For Her & For Him

Wow, after a month of not blogging I am so excited to be back! And in order to kick start Totally Teen into high gear again, I wanted to share with you my Spectacular Christmas Gift Guide for both the guys and the girls ;) Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of year, filled with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies it brings only the best smiles and the best memories but sometimes it can get a little stressful when it comes to deciding on and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And so, Totally Teen to the rescue, I've put together the most spectacular Christmas Gift Guide that will help you make only the best out of your Christmas Shopping experience ;) 

For Her 

1. Tassel Necklace - Spirit Jewellery 

2. Scrunchies Pack - Cotton On 

3. The Posie Bag - CarryAnn 

4. Summer Frill Bikini - Sweetpeach 

5.Waterproof Shower Speaker - Typo 

6. ECoffee Travel Mug - Yuppie Chef 

7. Rodeo Satin Scarf - Cotton On 

8. Teen Breakout Kit - Skoon 

9. Opalite Moon Necklace - Spirit Jewellery 

For Him 

1.  Piping Crew Sweater - Superbalist 

2. Whale Boardshorts - Breazies

3. EQT Support Primeknit Sneakers - Adidas 

4. Stereoheadphones - Typo 

5. Sunglasses - Rayban 

6. Beard Care Kit - The Body Shop 

7. Sexy Socks - SexySocks 

8. Transit Holdall Bag - Cotton On 

And there you have it! A truly spectacular Christmas Gift Guide for him and for her to maximise your ultimate Christmas shopping experience ;)  Happy shopping! 


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