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Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Sensational Weight Loss & Detox Water I swear by

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is definitely resisting the cravings. I always think I'm doing so well until that "little" chocolate craving enters my head and I just CANNOT resist. We're human, we all make mistakes but most of the time eating mistakes either call for more gym time than usual or for my IBS to flare up. Either way, cravings are really not our friends. And so, for my body and yours,  I have been working around the clock to try and find new ways to resist cravings and super delicious recipes for goodies that you can snack on instead of a bag of chocolates. So when my IBS flared up yesterday, I took it as a fabulous opportunity to create a super yummy detox & weight loss water that decreases bloating & speeds up your metabolism. And here it is, The Sensational Weight Loss & Detox Water I swear by. 

My Sensational Weight Loss & Detox Water Recipe 


750 ml Water 
3 Green Tea Teabags 
1 Whole Lemon 
2 Teaspoons of Chia Seeds 

All you need to do is...

Combine all three ingredients in a water bottle and voila! 

You can also turn this fabulous Weight Loss & Detox Water into a tea by just boiling the water. 

How I prep for this...

I normally combine all my ingredients and store my Detox Water overnight in the fridge. This way the water has time to absorb all the fabulous minerals and vitamins these superfoods give off. When my water is almost finished, I leave the lemon, chia seeds and teabags inside the bottle and just refill the water. It's as easy as that! 

I really hope you enjoy my Sensational Weight Loss & Detox Water. I know it will give you as many body miracles as it gave me! 



Saturday, 22 September 2018

Effortless Makeup in a Few Easy Steps - The Pictorial

Makeup is not something we need for an extra boost of confidence. It’s not a shield. It’s an art form. It has the power to transform looks and complete fabulous outfits and if you’re good at it, it can be a real talent. But some of us didn’t really jump on the makeup train right from day 1 and now we’re left extremely confused on what primer actually does and if it’s any different from normal face lotion. Seriously, someone tell me? Prior to grade 8, Makeup was considered to be for the “older girls” and it was an area I never really ventured into until I had to. I still remember the first time I put makeup on, to go out to my first not-a-social party I was totally confused. My mom and I kept shouting at each other about what went where and how it was applied. Now, fast track a couple years and I pride myself on my makeup. It’s my art, a talent and I get to express myself through it. The path to getting good at makeup was not an easy one though and that’s why today I thought I would share my very own Makeup Routine, Tips & Tricks through my first Pictorial! Hope you enjoy! 


Get all those loose hairs off of your face & apply a regular face lotion. 

My favorite: Nivea 

Apply your primer to your face and neck 

My favorite: Maybeline Mattifying Primer 

Apply your base straight from the bottle into solid lines across your face 

My favorite: Kyoto Blossom by The Body Shop 

Blend your base in using a beauty blender and make sure to smooth your base from your chin to the underside of your chin

Run another beauty blender over your face to remove any excess base 

Apply a light brown bronzing powder in downward strokes to your cheekbones while pouting your lips

My favorite: The Body Shop Bronzing Powder 

Take another brush and blend the light brown powder into your base. 

Apply your powder highlighter to the area just above your bronzed section, your nose and the middle of your forehead in swift motions. 

My favorite: Kangol Highlighting Palette 


Palette: Naked 2 Urban Decay, Mac Cherry Topped & NYX Ultra Pearl Mania 

Apply a base coat eyeshadow (I use a nude shimmer colour) 

Start with the lightest color you’re using and apply it in swift, circular motions to your eyelid avoiding the crease of your eyelid 

Next apply your second color to the middle of the eyelid and define the color by running it in the crease of your eyelid 

Using the darkest color you’re planning to use apply that to the outer part of the eye and define it by running it in the crease of your eyelid 

Take a new brush and blend. 

Add your second color to the bottom of your eye. 

Optional: Add a clear mascara to your eyebrows and eyelashes to shape and hold them. 

My favorite: No. 7 Lash & Brow Perfector 

Apply your mascara by wiggling it up the eyelashes. 

My favorite: Revlon Super Length


Apply one coat of your lipstick color 

My favorite: Red Palladio Lipstick 

Next apply one coat of a matching lipgloss color 

My favorite: Kangol Extreme Colour

Secret Trick

Apply an eyeshadow that matches your lipstick color to your bottom lip by dabbing your finger in the powder and then on to your lip. This adds extra sparkle! 

And voila! You’re finished! I hope you enjoyed my first ever pictorial. If you have any makeup tips & tricks you’d like to share or would like to see this as a video tutorial then hop into the comments below! 


Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Top 4 Kangol Products you have to have in your Makeup Bag this Spring

It’s Spring! And Kangol has finally faced the fact that we needed a new Spring Makeup 
Range by releasing their brand new, #FacetheFacts Range ;) And so, to celebrate all things new because of, you know, Spring! I have this fabulous #FacetheFacts Range Review so let’s settle and get started ;) 

The Kangol #ThrowingShade Contour Kit 

One of the newest Kangol gems is this fabulous contour kit. It provides ... different shades and on the back there is a fabulous contouring guide (a must have if you’re a contour beginner like me ;) ) This kit has seriously changed my makeup game by helping me maximize my contour game the easiest way possible. The easiest kit to use on the market, by far. 

The Kangol #Lit Kit Highlighter Pallets 

Seriously, who knew highlighting was this easy? Bye bye natural sunlight hello Kangol #Lit Kit. I know I don’t pick favorites when it comes to makeup but I just can’t not with this insane Highlighter Palate from Kangol’s new #facethefacts Range. Just like the #ThrowingShade kit, the #LitKit also has a “How To” Guide on the back for Highlight beginners.

Liquid Lipsticks 

These Liquid Lipsticks are absolutely To-die-for! The two shades I use the most are BitterSweet which is a Matte Choc Brown and Saffron Sunset which is a Pink-Gold Shimmer. These two lipsticks are the perfect way to finish of any look! 

Fabulous Face Gems 

Wow, I was so excited when I got these because I just knew that when I attended festivals these would be the perfect face accessories to complete my look. They’re super reasonable and stay on really well and with their lots of amazing designs you have tons of options about who you want to be! 

And there you have it! I definitely know that Kangol’s new range is helping me #FaceTheFacts this Spring and turning my Makeup Game, into the best yet! 


Saturday, 8 September 2018

The Top 10 School Camp Essentials

This week we jetted off to a 5 star desert hotel and experienced Michelin Star chefs, state of the art facilities and not one but three infinity pools. Or so we wished, nothing could be further from reality. Instead, we slept on paper thin mats in paper thin tents and had jackals and kudu's for our only neighbours. However the best part of our experience this week was hiking 18 km's non-stop to sleep on the floor, again and share 1 toilet, shower & sink among 15 of us. What a time. 

As awful as this camp was, I really believe we learned a lot. Including how far our bodies can actually be pushed and how much more we should believe in ourselves. There are a couple of things besides my friends that actually got me through this camp. Infant, they were such lifesavers I just had to share them with you all. And so, here you have them, The Top 10 School Camp Essentials.

1. Wet Wipes 

These come in extremely handy after a long day of dirt & hiking especially when there's no hot water showers. They're also fabulous for keeping your toes & feet clean(ish).

2. A Hydration Pack 

Water is essential if you're going to be spending a lot of time in a hot, sunny environment and so a hydration pack will definitely be your new best friend on any camping trip simply because they allow you easy access to lots of water at all times of your trip.

3. Lots & Lots of Socks 

In order to try and prevent your feet from completely changing colour due to dirt, you should definitely wear socks at all times of your trip. Especially when it becomes minus zero in your tent at night.

4. Comfortable Walking Shoes 

Your shoes make the world of difference when you're on camp. When walking far distances make sure you have comfortable walking shoes you know you can rely on for blister free feet.

5. Snacks with tons of energy 

Let's just say, these are the reason you have a blog post to read this weekend. Snacks are definitely going to save you during hikes or when the food is just not happening that day and if they're full of energy, you're likely to last a lot longer on one packet of snacks.

6. Superfood Protein Powder 

By the second last day of camp, I was definitely considered the Protein Powder Queen because by then we were so hungry everyone needed the Soaring Foods Superfood Protein Powder from my hiking bag to make those oats taste at least somewhat edible.

7. Something Sweet 

Something sweet is really needed after a long day of walking. Be it, Dischem's sugar-free sweets or frankly, a family sized wine gums bag, these go a long way when you just need a bit of a "pick-me-up".

8. Warm Blanket 

A warm blanket that fits inside your sleeping bag is an absolute must have to help you fight against the cold each night.

9. Super Soft Pillow 

If you'll be sleeping in tents like we did, you'll need to try and make at least one part of your body somewhat comfortable for a good nights rest. The easiest being your head. A super soft pillow is the ultimate key to pretending you're sleeping in a bed.

10. A Good Hat & Sunblock 

Burns are not absolutely avoidable but without protection they can be a lot worse. A good hat that covers your neck as well & strong sunblock is a great place to start when it comes to protecting yourself from uncomfortable burns. 

And there we have it! The Top 10 School Camp Essentials. I hope these help you as much as they helped me on your next school camp! 



Saturday, 1 September 2018

My Ultimate Scotland Winter Holiday Journal

Welcome to the Ultimate Scotland Winter Holiday Journal! I am so in love with Scotland that I decided I just have to share some of its beauty with you all. 

Nestled in The Campsie Fells and part of Stirlingshire is a wee (Scottish for small) town called Strathblane which is where my Grandparents are based and so we spent most of our trip staying at The Kirkhouse Inn, famous to my brother for their amazing Full Scottish Breakfast's, in Strathblane.

Our day's included walking down the road to visit my Grandparents, morning runs that included out-of-this-world views, catching the bus to Glasgow, meeting amazing people and discovering more hidden gems in the wee town of Strathblane.

If I had to describe Scotland in one word, it would be peaceful. It's never been a secret that Scotland is my favourite place on earth but this time, it was just so magical. When running in the early hours of the morning, we would hear nothing except horses neighing and our feet hitting the gravel beneath them. We were breathing easier and completing 5 km's like we were invincible. There's just something about being nestled in a little town and looking up at a glorious you mountain range everyday that put my mind & soul at ease.

We also visited the ultimate student town of Scotland, St Andrews. The town which is most famous for the St Andrews Links which includes 7 golf courses and is the largest public golf complex in the whole of Europe and The University of St Andrews, not only one of my dream universities but also formally the school of both Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. St Andrews truly has that seaside university town feel and is actually, one of the best seaside holiday locations despite mostly cold weather ;) I fell in love with this town and our fabulous Airbnb apartment right from the get-go.

If you're ever feeling overworked and are looking for an easy escape, think tiny villages. They allow us to be ourselves and forget our problems. Maybe it's the magic or maybe it's just the lifestyle but I definitely believe my 2 weeks in Scotland helped me to reshape who I am.

I hope you enjoyed this fabulous Scotland Winter holiday Journal! Next time you're planning a real "Get-away" think twice before jetting off to some major cities ;) 


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