by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 11 August 2018

7 Uplifting Benefits of Morning Runs

As my feet hit the ground one after the other I just kept thinking about the huge breakfast I would have afterwards. My legs and feet were in agony as we took control of our last lap and my nose was blocked. It was like running with a clothes peg holding your nose shut and having to sniff every second to keep it up. I was uncomfortable and felt my mind starting to win against my body but I kept going until I couldn’t anymore. I fought it. I kept thinking about all the good things that were happening to my body and soul as I kept running and that, along with the thought of my huge breakfast, is what got me all the way back to the hotel door. 

I know there are others like me who struggle with early morning runs. The usual cold air and early rise is a friend to no one but sometimes you just have to push through. After only a few early morning runs I could already feel the difference. I promise, after reading these fabulous benefits of morning runs, you’ll be ready to run each and every morning with no hesitations at all. 

The major stress relief & improvement of your mood afterwards 

Running is an escape from reality. It helps you take your mind off of your hectic daily schedule and by doing your cardio in the morning, you’ve woke up and immediately achieved a goal. This will definitely set you in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

No need for exercise excuses later in the day 

Because you’ve already exercised in morning, you’ll not have to make up an excuse at 5 P.M that night when you really don’t feel like heading out to the gym. The best thing about a morning run is getting your daily exercise done and dusted before your actual day even starts. 

Weight Loss

Running is a great way to burn belly fat. Although strength training should also be included in your fitness program, it is easier to get up and finish your cardio right away and then still have time to complete your strength training later. 

Lack of tiredness during the day 

This is one prominent benefit I have noticed after only one week of morning runs. The late afternoon tiredness that normally sets in, doesn’t seem to be setting in no more. Morning runs are a great way to keep your energy flowing for the entire day. 

Having your down time 

I know I have said it before but this is what makes running so magical. It is an escape from reality. Instead of having your downtime in front of a tv, run. Running clears your head and allows you to make sense of everything going on without overthinking. It honestly is, the best form of downtime. 

The Runner’s Buzz & The self esteem boost 

After asking what my followers loved most about morning runs, a lot of them said “the runners buzz” they got afterwards made them feel, slim, trim and unstoppable. I don’t know about you but a free self esteem boost and this type of attitude really feels like the best way to start your day. 

Sleeping better at night

Morning running not only gives you enough energy to make your entire day sail smoothly ahead but it also helps you to sleep better at night. It’s probably because by the time you’re ready to hit the sheets, that energy boost has definitely faded away. 

Thinking of these when you wake up for your morning run will definitely help you get out of bed instead of turning over again. If you’re in need of a bit of motivation, print them out and stick them on your mirror. Really knowing what you’re doing to your body helps you to understand your need to complete the task, that means it’s no longer an annoying thing you really hate doing. I hope these help you to learn to love your morning runs, I know they sure did help me. 



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