by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Ultimate Summer Body Workout with bonus exercises by renowned Personal Trainer Karabo Dilebo

This week whilst I was lying on the couch, eating my Pringles and second pot noodle simultaneously, I saw an ad for a Summer Body Bootcamp and it dawned on me that although summer is getting closer, my ideal summer body is not even close to being ready. So believe it or not, I actually made a change. The next day I was at the gym and had asked one of my favourite people and the best personal trainer, Karabo Dilebo to help me set up The Ultimate Summer Body Workout for you, and for me. So reader, join me on this quest to get the Ultimate Summer Body with these 4 easy exercises plus some bonus exercises from the ultimate personal trainer, Karabo Dilebo. 

P.S. It's best to complete 4 sets of each exercise ;) 

1. Sit-ups 
Amount: 15 
Tips: The closer your feet are to your bum the harder the sit-up will be. Make sure that your hands are crossed on your chest and when you come up, they touch your knees. 
Working: Abs 

2. Toe Touches 
Amount: 15 
Tips: Make sure your legs are straightly raised above your head and you look at your toes the whole time.
Working: Upper abs 

3. Plank 
Amount: 20 seconds 
Tips: Make sure that your body is flat and your bum is down. If you raise your feet, more emphasis will be put on your shoulders.
Working: Abs & Shoulders 

4. Box Jumps 
Amount: 10 
Tips: If you're scared of falling, you won't! Just lift those legs and believe in yourself. You've got this. 
Working: Cardio - legs 

Before you head off to try these super cool exercises, there is something else you can do to get the Ultimate Summer Body much faster. 

If you want to achieve the Ultimate Summer Body, there is one ultimate thing you need to do. Contacting Karabo Dilebo, renowned Personal Trainer, changed my life. I have been training with Karabo for a year and I have lost a little over 30 Kilograms and have learned so much more about keeping my body healthy and happy. I can honestly say, he is a miracle worker and if you are looking to achieve your goals, he is definitely someone you need to get in touch with. 

Make sure you're getting in touch with Karabo at:

Here are a few exercises he has provided just for you! And even though I promise he won't make you do this on the first day, we dare you to be a little ambitious when training for your Ultimate, Summer Body ;) 



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  1. Nice karabo. I'm glad you changing lives. Best PT in joburg by far


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