by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Importance of Yoga with Billy The Bee

There is always one feeling that a teen will face when starting a new class at the gym, "What did I get myself into?" but there is nothing better for us actually. New classes allow us to meet new people and have fun while exercising and when we join them we feel a sense of accomplishment. This week, Billy The Bee Yoga helped me to reach a new goal and feel this sense of accomplishment. I tried Yoga. The most daunting class that no teen believes they can attend because they're just "not flexible enough". Well my question for you is, how will you learn to do something without any practice? Trust me, you won't wake up one day and be this super slim Instagram guru who walks to her 8am Yoga class with her mat in one hand and her fat-free-almond-milk-chai-cafine-free-latte in the other. If that is who you want to be you have to start now. 

Yoga is actually super beneficial to us teens. It helps us to develop a healthy mind and body and discipline when it comes to looking after ourselves. It is a super amazing exercise to start during exams or when stress levels are at their peak and that's why I am super excited to carry on with my Yoga journey.

It all started when I got a gorgeous package from Billy The Bee Yoga Accessories (click here to visit their website) that contained their brand new, fabulously designed Asoka Eco Mat and I fell in love. Its bright colours and comfortable material is the perfect starter mat for teens who want to start Yoga. 

Billy The Bee is a Yoga accessories company whose philosophy is making Yoga and Meditation painless, fun and comfortable. Think of them as your Yoga friend, the company who is here to make your Yoga journey easy and enjoyable. They strive to keep your yoga accessories unique and use only recycled paper and eco-friendly products to make their super cute accessories! If you buy any Billy The Bee product you are definitely going to be the most fashionable and unique member of your Yoga class and the most eco-friendly too. Even their packaging has a reduce, reuse, recycle policy. So in essence, you're saving the world and your soul at the same time. 

Did you know that Yoga builds muscle strength so that means less time weight training but faster results in terms of toning? I guess I only see benefits ;) Make sure that you're bettering your body, mind and soul with Billy The Bee Yoga. 


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