by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Q&A with Chloé

Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying all the excitement of my latest giveaway! Wow, I think that's the first time I've ever started my blog post with hi. Lately I have felt the need to connect more with my readers and in order to do this I wanted to do a Q&A with Chloe (Did you know my name was spelt like this? ;) ) Today in this fabulous Q&A session I will be telling you a bit about me and talking about:

My Passions & Hobbies 
My favourite things 
My Motivations & Inspirations 
How to block out the haters
Reaching your goals 

First things first, an introduction for all my new readers! My name is Chloé Victor and I am a South African teen who loves blogging, snapping photos, exercising and cooking! I have been blogging for 7 months and first fell in love with it when a family friend told me about her nieces blog, Fashion Fundi. After reading her blog I finally figured out how to display my love for writing and to share my passion with other people and so, Totally Teen was founded from the bedroom floor of an AirBnB rental in KZN, South Africa. And now, every Saturday, I work my hardest to bring much needed information to teens in relation to fitness, healthy eating, fashion, school tricks and tips and dating advice ;) Yes, I am basically here to be your guide to teenage life in the 21st Century and I hope that you decide to join in on this journey with me! 

Here's a bit more about me: 

My Passions & Hobbies
Did you know that I play the violin? I didn't think so. It's one of my secret hobbies but now the cats out of the bag and I can tell you more ;) I do violin lessons every week and am currently completely the Suzuki level 3 book. Do you have any musical talents? Drop me a comment below and let me know! I also love, love, love to exercise. It's partially because I have the best trainer that I go to 3 times a week at Virgin Active but my average gym days a week is 6 ;) 

I also love to cook and eat healthy! Fitness is definitely my passion in life. 

My favourite things 
Zara clothing - ridiculously amazing! 
Anything French - seriously, I am a sucker for anything French! Watch a French movie with me and buy me un croissant avec confiture or un pain au chocolat and we're golden ;) 
Come Dine With Me - My favourite show ever! I can and definitely will spend the rest of the day binge watching the dozens of episodes I have recorded  
Learning languages - for a lot of people this is more of a chore but to be honest, I love learning languages and could probably spend hours with a French textbook 
The Landing - My favourite French coffee shop. Noticing a trend? ;) They serve perfect hot chocolates and just keep my soul happy 

My Motivations & Inspirations
The people that inspire me the most must definitely be Coco Chanel and my Mom. These two amazing woman truly inspire me every day to work towards my dreams and never stop, no matter what situation I am facing. 

Another huge motivation for me is knowing that at the end of the day, because I have ticked something off my to-do list, I am one step closer to being where I want to be. There is no better feeling than bettering yourself and reaching your goals

How I block out the haters
Whenever I hear a negative comment from someone or via someone else about my work, I have one reaction: Who are they? Honestly, who are they to stand in the way of me and my work and who are they in my life. Ten to one I don't even know them or they don't play a significant role in my life. That's why whenever I get a bit of hate it doesn't put me down, but rather inspires me to work harder and prove them wrong. At the end of the day, the only person who matters is you. Remember that.

How I reach my goals 
Reaching your goals is an extremely important part of your life. It inspires you in everyday life and gives you something to work for and therefore gives you a reason to be doing what you're doing. Whenever I have a new goal I always write it down in my little black book. That way, I have a list of everything I want to achieve and when I tick one thing off, it gives me a great sense of self-pride which is very important as a teenager. I also make sure to do one thing that would get me closer to my goals each day. 

I really hope that you've enjoyed this Q&A with Chloé session and always make sure to reach for your goals, block out the haters and put yourself first! If you have any more Q&A questions make sure to comment below! 



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