by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 16 June 2018

How long until we lose our cool? And ways to prevent it

Inspite of being overworked, overtired and over hungry I have decided that enough is enough. Teens today are subject to an extreme problem that society has assumed we can handle, the problem is that we are overtired, overworked and if you're like me, over hungry. We are Generation Z and because we are growing up with all these super cool gadgets that are supposedly set out to make our lives easier, the older society has assumed we can handle everything they throw at us. Now, because they have decided that we are super bots and somehow we have digital chips planted inside us that help us to multitask our 6 tests, 5 projects, 1 social media post per day (if you want to have some sort of presence on Instagram that apparently we have to have) and having the perfect nails, hair and body because in reality, we all really do care, I must be honest and say, it's hard being a teen in the 21st Century. 

After 2 weeks from hell and preparing for the next, my brain has decided that all it wants to do is watch Clueless and eat chocolate biscuits, however, if I want to survive high school and get 'good' marks then I know this is merely just my brain living in a fantasy. All this work work work and no play has got me thinking about when I'm actually going to 'lose my cool' for real and because I want to make sure that we all survive our days as teens I made a survival list of how to prevent myself from losing my cool that I just knew I had to share with you ;) 

1. Don't scroll through Instagram and give yourself a time limit the day before an exam 
Now, this is the fastest way to prevent yourself from loosing your cool. We all know that saying 'I'll  just watch one more of Lele Pons' super funny videos and then I'll study' is an extremely bad idea. If you do this, you are extremely likely to watch 100 more and find videos from 2007 on her late granddad's Facebook. Trust me, its happened. 

 2. Don't binge
Please, do not start a brand new series on Netflix in times when assignments are at their peak. You are going to spend the rest of your days watching this amazing show and forget about the real world. This will most definitely cause you to lose your cool when you return to reality. 

 3. Don't hangout with perfect friends 
Meeting your perfect friend for coffee when times are tough is going to make you lose your cool right in the middle of the perfect café she chose because you were too busy trying to detangle yourself from your blankets 15 minutes before you were supposed to meet. You definitely don't need to hear about how well everything is going in her life, trust me. 

 4. Do hangout with unorganised friends 
This is an extremely good idea because when you are at a time in your life when you need someone to uplift you, the best person to do so is the most unorganised friend you have. Hopefully, they're so unorganised that they skipped point 3 of this blog post ;) BUT if you do end up hanging with an unorganised friend, make sure they do most of the talking. Remember that nobody likes to hangout with a perfect person who only wants to talk about their successes. Instead, try to lift each others spirits together. 

5. Espresso is good for no-one 
If you ask my best guy friend, he will definitely tell you that I am not pretty after consuming 4 espresso's in order to 'late night cram'. Despite what everyone says, drinking more espresso only fuels the self doubting thoughts that come when you can't sleep that night. 

Personally, I think we need a Teen type of Alcoholic Anonymous. I would call it TSA, Teen Stress Anonymous © because with the amount of anxiety we go through, there's not enough psychologists in the world to save us. However, what can prevent you from losing your cool are these 5 tips. So make sure to use them at all times and email me or comment below with any other techniques you use to save your soul in troubled times. 

Stay Strong Beautiful's 


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