by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 9 June 2018

5 reasons why Totally Teen loves Coconut Lane and why you should too

Today, I have the absolute privilege of telling you about my new favourite brand, Coconut Lane! If you're a Totally Teen subscriber you'll already know all about my new collaboration with this tumblr 2.0 brand based in London, where you can shop everything marble and chic and have it delivered right to your door step! So today I want to share with you 5 reasons why Totally Teen loves Coconut Lane and why you should too. Oh and this super nifty discount code that will get you even more tumblr items within your budget ;) Use " totallyteen20 " when shopping online at Coconut Lane to receive a discount and click here to view their fabulous webpage!

1. The Sass Box 
These little gems are perfect to give to your girlfriend or bestie be it for an anniversary or birthday. The Sass Box is worth £65 but you can get it for £25 or even less using my discount code ;) The Sass Box contains items designed based on your chosen theme such as:

Make Up Brush Set
Floating Glitter Pens
Greeting Cards
Wall Art
Marble Notebooks

And don't forget that it comes in a beautiful box too ;)

2. Their one in a sparkle phone cases 
Okay, jackpot. Girls, and maybe guys ;) Coconut Lane has the absolute BEST covers ever and they're extremely affordable. Make sure you're keeping up with the latest trends by buying a marble or sparkle phone case ;)

3. They stock the cutest Sunnies! 
Seriously. I have never seen such cute sunnies in my life. They even stock the latest trend, the Milano sunglasses and in lots of different colours too. You absolutely have to check them out! P.S they also have seriously adorable sunglasses covers that come with your pair!

4. The matching sets 
Coconut Lane also specialises in matching Laptop and phone cases as well as notebooks. If you thought they were tumblr before, it just got to a whole new level!

5. Their other perfect products 
Coconut Lane has many many other products that I just know you will absolutely love! Such as the Palm Card Holder, tons of hoodies (including my favourite, the 90s baby style) , makeup bags, luggage tags, a girl boss planner and your very own personalised suitcase!

Note: all photos via Coconut Lane

If you're trying to step up your 'tumblr' game then Coconut Love is perfect for you! Or if you're just really into the latest trends and love the super adorable products featured on today's blog, pop into their website and have a browse. When you're done and ready to check out the 1000 things in your cart, remember to use my discount code ' totallyteen20 ' to make it even more affordable ;)



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