by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Top 6 Hidden Exam Tricks

I guess my only attitude when it comes to tests and exams is "Why are these people forever asking me to solve things I don't know the answer to, their problems are obviously not my problems" but unfortunately no matter how hard I try and convince myself that I don't need to worry about solving these "unnecessary" questions, the truth will always be there to haunt me. So I guess I have to break my new-found bad news for you, exams and tests are necessary, we do have to pass them and unfortunately, my attitude towards exams is far from correct. 

Now I know tests and exams are tricky and we often find ourselves trying to find those supposed hidden tricks that everyone needs to pass exams graciously, and in one piece. Well my beautiful reader, I may have cracked the code. So grab your notebook and lets crush the exam period together! Below are my top 6 hidden exam tricks. 

1. Setting goals & being organised

One of my most important tricks is this: being organised and setting exam goals can change your whole exam writing period all together. It is extremely important to set a realistic goal that you can work your way up to. By doing this you insure that you can measure the amount of studying you do against your goal by saying to yourself "Have I studied enough to reach my goal?" and if not you know you have to work harder and will thus push yourself further. Being organised contributes to this greatly. If you are organised you make it easier for yourself to spend more time working towards your goal.

2. Planning your time 

Trick 1 & 2 come as two peas in a pod for the mere fact that planning your time will help you to be on schedule and organised. If you are both of these things you have a greater chance of achieving your goal. Planning your time means being conscious of how much time you have left to prepare and study. This allows you to not let time gallop past and leave you stranded in the valley of unpreparedness. Where no studying student should ever want to be. 

3. Put your phone away

I understand how hard this is for most of us teenagers but it is by far the most helpful trick. By putting your phone away you allow yourself to focus 100% on the subject at hand. When putting your phone away make sure you put it in another room or let someone else put it away for you so you cannot get it again until after your studying session.

4. Having a balance 

Balance is an extremely important aspect of studying. You cannot expect yourself to study 24/7 with no breaks and then reach your goal and do well right? It just doesn't work like that. One thing that I will never cut down on during exams is working on my fitness. Working out is a great way to keep your blood pumping and your body happy during exams. 

Another important aspect of balance is eating, you need to make sure you fuel your body enough for it to keep going. When snacking during exams make sure to be healthy and not to overindulge in fattening foods because at the end of the day, you have sat at your desk for longer than you've worked out ;) 

Rest, sleep & taking breaks should be the very first things you slot in to your exam studying schedule. These are absolutely crucial during this stressful period. Make sure you have enough time to recharge before you have to be on the go again. Remember, if your brain is tired, it will not absorb any knowledge.

5. Positivity & Peace 

Keep calm and carry on! Wow that was cliche. Anyway, make sure you keep positive and stick to reaching your goal. You won't get anywhere close to where you want to me without having a peaceful and positive mind that focuses only on the task at hand. 

6. Finding your studying method 

This trick is oh so important! Once you find your studying method - be it writing or typing notes, using black or colour - you are set to have notes that make you HAPPY and wanting to learn! There are millions of online quizzes - that prove to be quite accurate when trying to find your studying method - that you can take to get yourself on the right path when it comes to finding your studying method. However, at the end of the day it is all about you, doing what's best for yourself. 

Make sure to check out my 7 Tips to Learning a language if you're studying for a language based test or exam! If you have any thoughts, questions or comments on exam studying feel free to email me! So my beautiful readers, I wish you the best of luck when conquering your exam/ test periods. And remember, every expert was once a beginner. You've got this. 


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