by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 12 May 2018

How to find the perfect Formal Dance date

Wow. The first word that pops into my head as the daunting idea of our Spring Ball dawns on me. Spring ball or Spring formal is supposed to be one of the best nights of your life and the time leading up to it is extremely exciting. Planning your dress, hair and nails and then making or searching for that perfect dress is the true girly girls real dream come true but...and a big but... it’s only perfect when you have the stress of the perfect date out of the way. So boys (and girls) where are you? Why do most of the girls I’ve spoken to not have a date or are struggling to find one? Maybe we’re looking in all the wrong places. 

Now don’t get me wrong because I am definitely not saying that you absolutely have to have a date but ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed about the perfect night with the perfect date so for girls like me, this is my gift to you. Since spring ball is closing on us and I promise you I've had my eyes peeled, I’m here to report back with my newfound research  How to find the perfect formal dance date in a nutshell. 

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When at the gym 

This is the most underestimated place to find dates! Not only do they get to see you without makeup, it’s the perfect place to show off your strengths and there are always different genders of all ages at the gym! If you ever find yourself wondering about that cute guy from gym you saw the other day, the next time you see him you absolutely have to speak to him! Never ever be shy! 

Mutual instagram or Facebook friends 

Nothing’s better than a mutual friend from Facebook or Instagram. If you find someone super cute on any of your social media platforms message him! It’s as easy as “Hey! Do you know ....?” From there, the conversation should be easy to keep going and if not, I can assure you they aren't a keeper. Also, if you see something with this person somewhere in the near future you can simply suggest a friendly dinner with your mutual friend and take things from there ;) 

A Siblings friend 

Someone that is always at your house or someone you have known for a while is an extremely good option. Remember, you need to be comfortable and have fun! This is your special night too. This one is as easy as your sibling simply setting you up with their friend, the perfect situation because they could never ever say no ;) 

Be social at all times! 

They key to finding the perfect date is to be social at all times. Go out and meet new people because you never know where or when you will find the perfect date. When going out try to meet up with old friends and go out in groups. Ask your friends to bring their friends and you can bring some of yours. This way it will be easier to meet new people or possible Formal dance dates ;) 

Hang out with more boys or girls that are your definition of the perfect dance date  

This tip goes in line with the last, when looking for a formal dance date make sure you are not looking hopelessly. Surrounding yourself with new people that fit in with your definition of the perfect date is the sure way to find someone that would not just go with you but also love going with you. 

A little flirting won’t hurt anyone ;) 

This is probably the most important tip! When you go out and find your dream date, you cannot let them get away. Spend time getting to know the person and if you decide to be friends then this may not apply to you but if you decide you'd like to be more than friends with this person and take them as your date, a little flirting won't hurt anyone ;) Make sure that they know your intentions and try to plant the idea of him being your date in his mind without sounding needy or desperate. 

Remember, you are trying to find the perfect formal dance date so go in with your idea of the type of person you want to go with. You need to have fun as well! Think of this as conducting research and don’t ever play hard to get, most of the times boys or girls won’t understand this and it’s probably the worst relationship advice you have ever received HOWEVER, never be desperate! They should be honored to go with someone as special as you. 

Photo by Style Me Pretty

Good luck to all my readers if you ever find yourself trying to find a formal dance date! Make sure to email me or comment below with your results or questions, ;) 



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