by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Tips to loosing weight the healthy way & having a positive body image

Often loosing weight and having a positive body image do not come hand in hand, this is most likely due to the extremely negative body image most teenagers have. I want to try  and change this, yes one person cannot change the world but we all have our own purpose. Today's blog post comes from the heart, over the past 12 months I have worked hard to get my goal body and have realised how hard it is to love your body and change your body at the same time and this is why today I'm here to give you my tips to loosing weight the healthy way and having a positive body image.

Setting realistic goals 
There’s no point in goals if you can’t reach them. Setting goals for your body is a very important step in loosing weight and having positive feelings towards your body. Your goals are there to help you keep moving forward with no steps backwards, keeping them realistic allows you believe that you will reach them. When you reach your goals you should reward yourself in order to keep being motivated. 

Making your weight loss & body image about you 
You are the person on this journey, you are walking this path for yourself and not anyone else. This is something you need to remember when you find yourself comparing yourself to others. There is no one who knows your body better than you do, you are the sole person who can control how hard you push yourself. Always remember that you deserve to be the best YOU, not the best anybody else. 

Knowing your worth & Self Love 
Developing self love and knowing your worth is a key factor of losing weight. If you’re not going to love yourself during your journey, what’s the point. You need to love yourself and your body in order to keep healthy and keep training, if you’re not where you want to be right now, don’t worry just keep going, your time will come. Never give up, your body needs you. 

Everything in Moderation 
Dieting and eating healthy can often be quite different. Eating healthy, however is much more important. Everything you eat should be eaten in moderation however in saying this I need to stress that you do not need to starve yourself. Your body will not have enough fuel to carry on with exercise or everyday activities if you do not eat, this can actual lead to weight loss slowing down. 

Exercise is more important than dieting 
This point has a lot in relation to the last point. To be excercise is a lot more important than dieting (which often doesn’t work) Your body is your friend, you need to keep it happy in order for it to make you happy. If you work out you loose weight and build muscle, dieting often just leaves your body unhappy and craving everything you’re trying to cut out. 

Eat the carbs 
Often when people ask me for tips on loosing weight this is the first thing I tell them. If you’re not intolerant and your body can break them down, eat the carbs! But remember, everything in moderation. 

Making the process a happy process 
The aim of this process is be happy with your body, if this process represents a negative time in your life you will end of resenting the body you have been fighting to get. So again, love your body, after the pain of all the training and all the weird but healthy food combinations it’s going to need all the love it can get. This is you reaching some of your hardest goals, changing your body for the better, make sure to remember it as a positive experience. 

I urge every person reading this blog post to love their body no matter what. Yes, we all have something we want to change about ourselves but that doesn't mean we have to hate our body in the process. 


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