by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 14 April 2018

The skincare routine that will save your skin!

It’s the holidays! Yay! (Well if you go to a 3 term school in Joburg) And if there’s one thing I’m going to achieve this holiday it will be clear skin. That’s why I have designed a skin care routine that will solve all our skin care problems. If you use these tips you’ll without a doubt get clear skin in no time!

This skin care routine will use the following products:

Rooibos Exfoliate by African Extracts
This up coming rooibos exfoliate is what teenagers have been dreaming of their whole lives. African extracts Deep cleansing face wash acts to reduce blemishes and leaves your skin clear. 

Organic Coconut Oil
Why did no one tell me about this skin care gem? An absolute miracle worker, if you rub some coconut oil only on your blemishes it will dry them out and leave you spot free in no time!

Water Infusions
These are so good for your skin, I cannot stress this enough. As I mentioned in my previous blog post 4 Healthy water infusions for your skin  the different combinations provide your skin with detox materials and the minerals you need to keep your skin looking fresh and clean!

Clarins Rebalance Cream
My favorite skin cream is the Clarins ... It leaves your skin super smooth and works as a great primer as well!

You should aim to use the Rooibos Exfoliate
3 Times a week. This will help to keep your pores clean and your skin blemish free.

Apply the coconut oil to your blemishes every night before bed and the Clarins Rebalance Cream every morning or before putting on your makeup.

Also, make sure you drink lots and lots of water infusions. These will make sure that your skin has enough materials to detox.

Make sure to give this skincare routine a try for perfect, blemish free skin! 



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