by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 7 April 2018

My Top 4 Zara Picks of the Season

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" -Yves Saint Laurent 

A famous quote by one of my favourite designers and over the past few months, I've decided it is very true. Fashion trends vary, they change all the time and that's why you have to "keep up with the latest trends" but style, style is your very own way of expression. Style is like introducing yourself without saying a word, it is the epitome of happiness and good taste. 

Keeping all this in mind I can truly say to you Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera, the founders of Zara, are astoundingly creative designers and that is why Zara is one of my favourite brands today. However, their large collections worldwide do not help us to narrow down our shopping carts from 150 items to 5 and that is why I'm here to tell you my top 4 Zara picks of the season. 

1. Oversized Pearl Jumper 
Perfect for any season, day or night wear, this jumper is comfy and classy at the same time. It is perfect for a casual brunch or a romantic dinner. It can be paired with Jeans or Zara's Leather Pants that I speak about in my next Zara Pick.

2. Leather Pants 
My fave fave fave thing in my cupboard! They can be paired with just about anything from a plain Tee or the perfect dress up shirt and they always look to-die-for. 

3. Bow Tie Top 
This must have top will keep you looking simple but chic and it is super comfy too! I love this top because it flatters all body types and it goes with so many things. From jeans to skirts, you name it. 

4. The Zara White Perfume 
Ah, last but not least. Finish off your perfectly Zara themed outfit with their Zara White Perfume. Fresh, fabulous and ready to go! 

I hope you enjoyed my Zara Picks of the season! Make sure to keep an eye out for them the next time you visit a Zara store. 



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