by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Photo tips and tricks: The key to taking a good photo

I am a full believer in the fact that there is nothing harder than taking a perfect photo but I definitely do believe that it is possible. Everyone tends to say that as long as you take lots of photos you'll find one that may be "post-worthy."  That may be true, however I'm here to help you take your definition of perfect photos and still have time to live in that photo worthy moment.

1. Be photo ready
Before taking any pic make sure you are photo ready. That includes hair, makeup and the perfect outfit, but always remember to keep it natural. The point of a perfect picture is to capture the real you.

2. Confidence is key! 
Believe in yourself! Make sure that you believe you are beautiful and all your followers will think you are beautiful too. Remember, self love is the most important type of love. Be confident enough to try all of those different poses ;)

3. "This is going to be amazing"
Make this your mantra while taking photos. Again, taking the perfect photo is all about believing you are beautiful.

4. Always look natural 
Your followers will be more likely to like your posts if you keep it natural especially when editing. Make sure your photos do not look artificial. It is definitely worth it to ask a friend to check your photo before posting ;) 

5. Editing 
My favourite app for editing is definitely VSCO, especially presets C1 - C9 and Q1 - Q10 but my latest editing discovery is the iPhones already built in editing tools. This feature is definitely by far the best editing tool I've come across when it comes to changing brightness, colour and blackpoint. Its got all the tools and its free, If I was you I'd definitely give it a go!



6. Lighting 
Lighting is key when it comes to taking flattering photos but iPhone has your back if you end up with a pic thats lighting is a little off. 

I really hope these tricks and photo ideas help you the next time you're taking some super cool pics and if you try them make sure to tag me: @thechloevictor. Until next Saturday, 



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