by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 24 February 2018

7 Tips to Learning a language

Learning a language is hard, especially if you don't consider yourself a "language person." Personally I think it's true that deep down everyone has a niche. Some people are good at maths, others languages per say but it's highly possible that you haven't found your talent yet. And hey, maybe it isn't a subject, maybe you're good at hair or creating Instagram Themes (Help me!!) but whatever it is, I'm sure it will show itself soon. 

I first discovered my talent when my dad threw me in the deep end by forcing me to learn IsiZulu. In South Africa you have to do either an African Language or Afrikaans, Afrikaans being my second language would have been really easy for me to do at school, but my dad wouldn't have it. So now I'm confused all day everyday in my Zulu class (just jokes, I'm not that hopeless) but I really wanted to find a way to help others who are learning multiple languages like me (I also do french) and that's why today's post is a

ll about Learning a Language! 

These are my two fave apps for catching up on vocabulary. I also find that once you're done learning a certain chapter or theme these apps can help you to revise what you've learnt and they're also super fun to use as well!

2. Have a dictionary 
Sometimes typing a whole paragraph into a translator can turn out to be the opposite of what you want to say and it makes the learning process a lot longer because you're not actually learning anything. Don't use shortcuts when it comes to learning a language, it will only make the process longer.

3. 10 minutes everyday 
I really recommend spending ten minutes a day on the language you are learning, Duolingo and Memrise also come in handy with this.

4. Have easily accessible Phrases 
Having a note on your phone with phrases you can intertwine with your everyday conversations is a really cool thing to have because it will broaden your exposure to the language and having a lot of exposure will help you get more comfortable with communicating in it.

5. Watching Movies and Reading Books 
This is an AMAZING way to learn a language! Watching movies and reading books is a great way to expand your phrase list and get the exposure I talked about in my previous tip. It also helps better your pronunciation and it's a fun thing to do in your spare time and doesn't feel like work!

6. Exposure! 
I've mentioned this word quite a bit in the previous 2 tips and that's because it is very important! Exposure is one of the easiest tricks to learning a language because it does a number of things for you such as broadening your vocabulary, bettering your pronunciation and it makes learning a language FUN! You can get exposure by watching vlogs & movies and reading blogs, books & magazines in your language of choice. Maybe also try writing your diary in that language.

7. Want to learn 
Wanting to learn a language is key for the mere reason that it drives you to improve your knowledge of the language. If you don't want to do the language, you may develop a mental block and that is extremely hard to break back down again. Be positive to learning and you will succeed. 

I really hope you use these tips when learning the language you have chosen because learning a language is...magical. I love every minute of it because secret, I am a language person. I hope that when you pursue any talent you have, you do it whole heartedly and put your all into it, because thats what having a talent is all about. Doing something you love. 



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