by Chloe Victor

Friday, 5 January 2018

Phuket beaches that cannot be missed

If you’re looking for wonderland, you’ll find it in Phuket. Forget about that spray tan, grab some Australian Gold and head over to these Phuket beaches, not only will you get THE best tan ever but you’ll get it with the most magnificent views and the best adventures.

Maya bay 
 The best place to relax in the water and catch a tan and also take some super cool pics ;) 


Kata Beach 
The stunning blue waters and rainbow umbrellas make everyone’s dream beach real. 

Karon Beach 
Karons calm and gentle waters make swimming very relaxing and it’s also very close to the Karon Bazaar where you can get all your souvenirs to take home and some great bargains too! 

Patong Beach
 Relax under the shady palms and then later do some shopping at the local markets. 

Kai Island Beach 
This Beach has great snorkeling adventures and is perfect for grabbing a tan and a cocktail ;) 

I hope that when you visit Thailand one day or maybe when you visit again, you’ll definitely explore these beaches. They are adventures not to be missed. 



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