by Chloe Victor

Saturday, 13 January 2018

5 Things you have to have in your schoolbag

Unfortunately for most of us South African students, school starts on Wednesday and if you're like me, you've spent more time catching up on your fave TV shows than actually preparing for it. So to help you get ready without thinking about it too much, here's the 5 things you have to have in your schoolbag. 

1. A Tumi backpack 
This is by far the best backpack for school, it even has a separate compartment for your iPad/laptop!

2. A Typo Diary (plus pens)
Yes, you can look super trendy and be organised at the same time all thanks to Typo's gorgeous range of 2018 diaries. 

3. Vitamin E Lip Ice from The Body Shop
The key to perfect lips, you definitely shouldn't go anywhere without this!

4. Breath Mints
These are an easy way to keep your breath fresh during class and remember to drink lots of water too ;)

5. Portable Phone Charger 
Those pesky phone batteries never seem to last so make sure to have a portable charger to keep you going the whole day. 

I hope these help you get ready for school quickly (because if you're like me, you'll leave it for Tuesday night)

Good luck for the coming term lovelies


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