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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Self Care: The Quarantini Edition

Welcome to your Quarantini Self Care Guide! 

Each week there will be new updates on this blog on how to look after yourself while staying at home. Hope you enjoy! Pop any suggestions or requests below... and stay safe! 


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Note: You can shop face-masks and skincare online with your Woolworths groceries or Dischem/ Clicks order 


Health & Fitness: The Quarantini Edition

Welcome to your Quarantini Health & Fitness Guide! 

Each week there will be new updates on this blog on how to get fit and stay healthy while staying at home. Hope you enjoy! Pop any suggestions or requests below... and stay safe! 


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Productivity: The Quarantini Edition

Welcome to your Quarantini Productivity Guide! 

Each week there will be new updates on this blog on how to be beyond productive while staying at home. Hope you enjoy! Pop any suggestions or requests below... and stay safe! 


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Entertainment: The Quarantini Edition

Welcome to your Quarantini Entertainment Guide! 

Each week there will be new updates on this blog on how to entertain yourself while staying at home. Hope you enjoy! Pop any suggestions or requests below... and stay safe! 


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Saturday, 14 March 2020

No.1 Product for Glowing Skin | Suki Suki Naturals

Glowy skin. What every girl wishes for. No blemishes, small pores and illuminating radiance. The perfect state to apply makeup in. 

My skincare routine is normally based on the current state of my skin. Sometimes I'm dry and have open pores and sometimes it's quite the opposite. In the case of the former, I would apply moisturising creams, oils and pore refining products. However, in the later, I would just apply an oil. It's all about finding what works for you.

In December 2019, I started using Suki Suki Naturals Prickly Pear Rejuvenating Facial Oil. If I'm honest, it was the super aesthetic packaging that drew me to the product first.. I started to use the product in the morning and evening for hydration and rejuvenation, like the packaging claimed it would do. But I had low expectations. After the first week, I was shocked by my skin's transformation. It was so amazing, I stopped wearing foundation and only applied the oil as a base. 

This product, is one I will never live without. In fact, I've just purchased my second bottle. You can shop online via their website or Woolworths online or via Woolworths in store. Suki Suki Naturals is a cruelty free, South African brand. The Prickly Pear Rejuvenating Facial Oil is R400.

First, I cleanse my face. Next, I'll apply roughly 6 drops at night and 3 drops in the morning. It's just so simple. If I need extra hydration or glow, I'll add a spray of my Avène Eau Thermale [More about that here!]  

I also use it as a makeup primer and wow! The difference when I use it and when I don't is huge. It smoothes my skin completely, so that I have an even, non-cakey foundation application. The result is so fresh-faced and natural. 


The effects of this wonder product surpasses my expectations by miles! I wake up with supple, glowing skin. My pores are small, frown lines reduced. I adore it. It has also completely taken away my under eye darkness, which I absolutely hated before and was desperate to get rid of. Honestly, I love this product. There's nothing I could recommend that's better for your skin. I only put products I truly love on my blog so that it's an authentic platform, but wow...this is next level. If you don't own a Suki Suki product then your skin is missing out big time! Thank you Suki Suki for making amazing products like this, I can't wait to try more. 

Make sure you shop Suki Suki Naturals gorgeous product's here! This post is not sponsored and is a true review of the products mentioned. 



Saturday, 22 February 2020

Sephora Makeup Haul

I like to think of myself as a bit of a makeup connoisseur. I keep up with the trends, new techniques and read up on all the new products. Often people ask me how many makeup products I own and instead of responding "too much", which is closer to the truth, I can only say "not enough". I truly believe that one can never have enough makeup. It doesn't belong in my makeup bag to hide my flaws but instead to allow me to feel beautiful and release my inner artistic self.

So when presented with any opportunity to go to any makeup shop, but especially Sephora, I jump at it. And after recent Instagram demand, (@gowiththeechlo) I've blogged my Sephora Makeup Haul to "spill the tea" on all my recent favourites ;) Hope you enjoy! 

Ratings out of 10 
1 - very bad 
10 - extra ordinary 


Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamoured Dazzling Lip Lacquer in Atomic

Rating: 10 
Thoughts: Not sticky at all. Glides perfectly onto lips to give a glossy, think yet even-tinted shine. Smells delicious & makes your lips look soft & luscious. Extremely moisturising 

Givenchy Lip Liner 

Thoughts: Extremely easy to use, I figured it out on my first time. Creates a soft lip outline and is perfect for both a statement bold or a classy natural look. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds 

Rating: BEYOND 10!!! 
Thoughts: The number one product I own by far!!! I adore this & will never live without it. It is extremely moisturising and creates a gorgeous rose gold tint. It's perfect to liven up a soft makeup look. 


Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Elec-Trick Palette 

Rating: 10
Thoughts: Adore the colours, I created a look by blending all the shimmer powders together and it was STUNNING! The packaging is to die for. Pigment is next level! You'll never go wrong with Marc Jacob's Beauty, definitely my number one brand. 

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette 

Rating: 10
Thoughts: ADORE the colours in this palette. I get so excited to use it every time I put makeup on. Pigment is 10 out of 10... 

Benefit BAD Gal Bang Mascara 

Rating: 8 
Thoughts: Love the volume and length it gives! It just needs to be applied slowly and carefully to avoid clumping... 


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

Rating: BEYOND 10 
Thoughts: After a long search to meet the love of my life, I've found it. Oh Double Wear how you've captured my heart... I've tried millions of foundations, but this is definitely the best. It never cracks and lasts for hours. It creates a flawless skin. You can also put a little on for a natural look and build up for more coverage. 

Chanel Compact Powder 
[Poudre Universelle Compacte]

Rating: 9
Thoughts: Has a great full coverage, smooth skin effect. Stops my foundation from cracking and makes it last 10 times longer! Love the product, just find it a bit hard to get out of the packaging... 

Sephora Face Shimmering Powder 

Rating: 10 
Thoughts: Love the pigment, the way it shines and everything about it. It looks like you have a gorgeous, natural glow. 

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer 

Rating: BEYOND 10 
Thoughts: ADORE ADORE ADORE. Blends amazingly, it looks as if I have perfectly clear skin & no foundation on. It doesn't cake under or on top of my foundation. Perfect for covering tired eyes! I use this instead of foundation for a natural look 

Sephora Bronzing Powder 

Rating: 9
Thoughts: Definitely better than other bronzers I've tried! I adore the pigment and how easily it blends. But the Dior Limited Edition bronzer still claims the 10th rating in my heart...


Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel 

Rating: 9 
Thoughts: Great to quickly fill your brows and get a fuller look. I think I may prefer a pencil instead though...

If you have any makeup recommendations or would like any other makeup themed blogs, pop me an email, dm @gowiththeechlo or comment down below 


Sunday, 19 January 2020

Everything I Wore in Bali

Welcome to the first blog post of 2020! Happy New Year Totally Teen family! 

Just got back from the holiday of a lifetime in Benoa, Bali and it's taken quite a while to get used to the fast paced Joburg life again! So there's only one thing to do, keep posting Bali pics and pretend I'm still on holiday...😜 Since we've got quite a bit of Summer left, I thought I would share with you everything I wore in Bali for that perfect summer fashion inspiration! Hope you enjoy! Everything is linked except the pieces I bought from markets in Bali but if you have any questions, pop me an email or comment below! 

Jendy Sandals 

Newlook Summer Skirt & White T-shirt 

Billabong Printed Costume 

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below! 



Saturday, 21 December 2019

How to Get the Ultimate Summer Glow

This is Chloé, reporting live from Joburg after being away from Totally Teen for, the longest time! I just took a 5 week blogging break to write exams and wow, it feels great to be back. After sitting at my desk for 4 weeks and watching the sunrise and sunset, day in and day out, without being able to leave my room, I had one wish for after exams: 

to tan... 

I absolutely adore "tan time", it's one of my favourite hobbies. There's just something about feeling the sun on your skin and listening to the ultimate summer playlist that feeds the soul, you know? So I've brought out my ultimate glow products and I'm ready to get that long awaited

Ultimate Summer Glow
and I've decided to take you all along with me!

Click the names to shop in SA. 

1. Honey Bronzer - The Body Shop 

Whenever I go out, I put some of The Body Shop's Shimmer on. It's a must for a natural looking glow. I also mix it into my body cream to maintain already tanned skin or to make me look a bit tanner ;)

PS. I adore the whole of The Body Shop's Honey Bronze collection for safe tanning! 

2. VRAI Argan Oil - Fragonard 

I love using Argan Oil to moisturise instead of a body butter. I just feel that it makes me more golden and hydrates the skin better! It's also a great hair mask whilst lounging at the pool or beach.

3. Bronzing Body BB Cream  -  The Body Shop 

This is a great product if you need deep and dark tan but don't want to wait for it to take action. It's instant and leaves a great colour that doesn't just wash off. It also perfects, evens and smooths all imperfections.

4. Australian Gold 

My number one tanning oil! I use the ... because I adore the colour I get after using it and it protects my skin while tanning.

Photo from Pinterest 

5. Bali Body 

Absolutely adore Bali Body's wide selection and variety of products! I prefer the ... and the ... . I also love how you can pick your scent and that they are safe tanning products that protect your skin from sun rays. No skin damage and a beautiful golden colour! Win win ;) 

Photo by Sivan Ayla 

6. Photoderm MAX Spf 50+ - Bioderma

I never tan my face! It's definitely a big no no for my skin. And so to make sure that my face matches my body's glowy tan, I use Photoderm by Bioderma to even out my complexion and leave my face looking fresh and bronzed. It's also a fab way to have a bit of coverage on holiday without having to do a full face of foundation. 

7. Clearance Sunscreen -  Avène

Normally, I hate putting sunscreen on. But I know that if I'm sitting in the sun for a few hours and I don't apply and re-apply, I'm asking to age badly. This sunscreen is definitely a favourite for me because it doesn't clog pores and cause breakouts like most others. Instead, it absorbs easily, leaves no white marks and is mattifying. It's a win win! 

Photo from Pinterest 

And there you have my Ultimate Summer Glow products! Happy tanning! 


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