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Saturday, 11 August 2018

7 Uplifting Benefits of Morning Runs

As my feet hit the ground one after the other I just kept thinking about the huge breakfast I would have afterwards. My legs and feet were in agony as we took control of our last lap and my nose was blocked. It was like running with a clothes peg holding your nose shut and having to sniff every second to keep it up. I was uncomfortable and felt my mind starting to win against my body but I kept going until I couldn’t anymore. I fought it. I kept thinking about all the good things that were happening to my body and soul as I kept running and that, along with the thought of my huge breakfast, is what got me all the way back to the hotel door. 

I know there are others like me who struggle with early morning runs. The usual cold air and early rise is a friend to no one but sometimes you just have to push through. After only a few early morning runs I could already feel the difference. I promise, after reading these fabulous benefits of morning runs, you’ll be ready to run each and every morning with no hesitations at all. 

The major stress relief & improvement of your mood afterwards 

Running is an escape from reality. It helps you take your mind off of your hectic daily schedule and by doing your cardio in the morning, you’ve woke up and immediately achieved a goal. This will definitely set you in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

No need for exercise excuses later in the day 

Because you’ve already exercised in morning, you’ll not have to make up an excuse at 5 P.M that night when you really don’t feel like heading out to the gym. The best thing about a morning run is getting your daily exercise done and dusted before your actual day even starts. 

Weight Loss

Running is a great way to burn belly fat. Although strength training should also be included in your fitness program, it is easier to get up and finish your cardio right away and then still have time to complete your strength training later. 

Lack of tiredness during the day 

This is one prominent benefit I have noticed after only one week of morning runs. The late afternoon tiredness that normally sets in, doesn’t seem to be setting in no more. Morning runs are a great way to keep your energy flowing for the entire day. 

Having your down time 

I know I have said it before but this is what makes running so magical. It is an escape from reality. Instead of having your downtime in front of a tv, run. Running clears your head and allows you to make sense of everything going on without overthinking. It honestly is, the best form of downtime. 

The Runner’s Buzz & The self esteem boost 

After asking what my followers loved most about morning runs, a lot of them said “the runners buzz” they got afterwards made them feel, slim, trim and unstoppable. I don’t know about you but a free self esteem boost and this type of attitude really feels like the best way to start your day. 

Sleeping better at night

Morning running not only gives you enough energy to make your entire day sail smoothly ahead but it also helps you to sleep better at night. It’s probably because by the time you’re ready to hit the sheets, that energy boost has definitely faded away. 

Thinking of these when you wake up for your morning run will definitely help you get out of bed instead of turning over again. If you’re in need of a bit of motivation, print them out and stick them on your mirror. Really knowing what you’re doing to your body helps you to understand your need to complete the task, that means it’s no longer an annoying thing you really hate doing. I hope these help you to learn to love your morning runs, I know they sure did help me. 



Saturday, 4 August 2018

How to Soak Up Every Second of Your Holiday

I honestly thought the day would never come. The day where we get to throw down our books, turn up the Mamma Mia 2 sound track and forget what we're "supposed" to be doing for a whole month. No school, no teachers, no assignments, nothing due. It seems like the time of your life right? 

You see, if you're like me and are two weeks in to your holiday and haven't done anything except eat, sleep, blog and repeat, you might get a little bored. And honestly, boredom tends to speed up your holiday and let the "fun factor", go down drastically. That's exactly why I've decided to help you not waste any time this holiday but rather to soak up every second. 

Today, we're going to be exploring 5 things to do instead of sleeping this fabulous break and how to soak up every second of the holiday. 

How to Soak up Every Second: 

Be present. This is my new holiday mantra. I really believe that you should have a holiday plan. Although holidays mean time to rest and laze around, they're also time to reach goals and do things you won't have time to do when you go back to school. However, I do know how tempting that 21st episode of Orange is the New Black is and so, make a list of everything you want to achieve this holiday and every day try and become one step closer to finishing that to do list. This also gives you purpose, which prevents you from lazing around all day, however tempting it may be. Also, make sure you aren't wasting time on things that don't really need your attention. Things like social media, this is a quick and easy way to fall into an achieve-nothing-holiday-trance. 

And next...5 Fabulous things to do this Holiday: 

1. Find a new hobby 

This is a great way to keep busy during the holidays! Remember that time you wanted to go vegan? Okay, not quite a hobby but the holidays are the perfect time to start! It's also a great time to start gyming, yoga, meditating, reading or baking. You never now, you might just find your next great talent ;) P.S click here to check out the benefits of Yoga!

2. Exercising 

The holidays are a fabulous time to start exercising! It's not just about working off those 3 cupcakes you had because you were bored ;) but it's also a fantastic way to head back to school looking, and feeling, great.

3. Meet up with friends 

Meet up with your friends that you haven't seen in ages! You should even try that cute coffee shop you saw around the corner. But, no late notice excuses when your Netflix season gets, just too good. Aim to leave the house more than once this holiday ;)

4. Throw a party 

I did this a while back and I loved it. Get a group of friends over, one who has a knack for creating bomb playlists included obviously, ask them to each bring a snack and turn up the jams. Get your adrenaline and your neighbours temper heated this holiday, I promise it will be loads of fun!

5. Rest 

The most important part of this holiday is definitely to rest. Going back to school will definitely be busy and you need to make sure you're ready. So you definitely have to add some down time to your holiday plan. 

Chloe's holiday update: 

This holiday I'm jetting off to the wee country of Scotland. Fun Fact, there are 5.2 million people who live in Scotland and my mom used to be one of them! So for this month long break we're going to be spending time in Glasgow & St Andrews. If you want to follow along on my trip, make sure to follow my Insta Stories! 

I hope this guide to soaking up every second of your holiday helps you maximise every free-from-school second! Have a fabulous Winter Break angels! 



Saturday, 28 July 2018

8 Effortless yet Sensational Snack Bowls that only take 5 minutes

Let's talk snacks quick. I'm not sure about you but whenever someone mentions snacks my mind automatically jumps to things I can just grab out of my cupboard. Things like, popcorn and dark chocolate and nuts or rusks and biscuits. These are snacks right? Wrong. Snacks are meant to be quick and easy yes, but also healthy and filling. Snacks too have to fit into your balanced diet. They need to be able to fill you up in order for your body not to keep wanting to snack all day long in-between meals. 

As teens, we tend to eat A LOT and because we don't have enough time to make A LOT of snacks we tend to grab whatever we can get our hands on. Carbs, sugar and more carbs and sugar. And so, to help us move on from this never-ending cycle of quick sugar & carb snacks, I have created 8 effortless yet sensational snack bowls that will leave you happy and full at the same time. Plus, they only take 5 minutes ;) 

1. The Throw it Together Snack Bowl 


Macadamia Nuts 
Camembert Cheese 
Raw Peppers 

2. The Fruity Beauty Snack Bowl 


Apple Pieces

3. The Let's Veg Snack Bowl 


Raw Peppers
(Any Non-Starchy Veggie you feel like)

4. The Cheat Day Snack Bowl 


Flavoured Granola 
Dark Chocolate 
(Flavoured Yogurt if desired) 

5. The Salad Snack Bowl 


Macadamia Nuts 
(Toasted bread for croutons)

6. The Smoothie Snack Bowl 



(Any fruit desired) 


Goji Berries 
Chia Seeds 

7. The Starchy Snack Bowl 


Veggies or Banana & Apple 

8. The Yogurt Snack Bowl 


Fruit pieces 
 Pumpkin Seeds 
Macadamia Nuts 

And there you have it! 8 effortless yet sensational Snack Bowls that only take 5 minutes! 
If you need more healthy eating ideas head over to my Instagram page: @gowiththeechlo or my Facebook Page: Totally Teen 

Stay Strong & Healthy



Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Shops

There’s nothing I love more than shopping and this antidepressant, fun outing, or way to just “free your spirit” is available to us at nearly all times of the day however, we’re teens in the 21st Century and due to lack of sleep and the overload of schedules, we hardly ever have the time or frankly the energy to get dressed and head out to the shops. Thankfully, someone came up with online shopping. The answer to all overworked and overbooked teens problems. 

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and lying in bed that night adding 24 of the same top (in different colors of course) into that endless cart. However, I’ve found a flaw. Have you ever had the difficulty of trying to find the RIGHT online shop to buy from? The hours and hours of hard work just looking into the endless abyss of online shops and thinking you found the right one and then they either don’t ship worldwide or they don’t have anything you want. 

Well, when I found the flaw I also found a solution. And so, welcome to your guide to the absolute best online shops. P.S these shops all ship worldwide! 

Coconut Lane 

I’ve mentioned this fabulous online shop before on my 5 reasons why Totally Teen loves Coconut Lane and why you should too blog post which you can click here to read. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of sassy and chic then you can definitely find it here. They provide teens with every accessory they could ever desire. Remember the Milano sunglass trend? Well they're bringing it back, bigger and better with their huge range of different coloured Milano Sunglasses. They also have  glittery phone cases, sass boxes and they stock the makeup brush set they I just gave away on my recent giveaway,  so if you weren't able to get your hands on it then, you can definitely snatch up the perfect beauty product now. 

Also make sure you're using the code totallyteen20 for a fabulous discount!  

Click here to visit Coconut Lane 


The Tan Lab 

I have also mentioned this fabulous brand before, simply because I am just in adoration of all their products! If you've read my, The Tan Lab is keeping us golden, all year round blog post then you will definitely know why I love this brand so much. (Click here to find out more information

If you're ever looking to shop for something that will change your life and your skin forever, then head over to The Tan Lab's fabulous Website and use the code #TANLAB-TOTALLYTEEN for another fabulous discount! 

Click here to visit The Tan Lab 

Sassy Chic 

This fabulous South African based brand has everything you could imagine. From a range of different brands, they specialise in Fashion, Beauty, Skincare, Hair and Nails and Cosmetics too. It's a holy grail for all online shoppers and they're not expensive either! 

Click here to visit Sassy Chic 

Credits: Sassy Chic 

Credits: Sassy Chic 

Credits: Sassy Chic
My Scattered Heart 

Now, I'm not even going to lie to you, this is one of my absolute favourite online shops ever! I'm just in awe. If you're looking to shop the latest trends or anything Bohemian-Chic, you need to get yourself on their website, and fast. I promise, your cart will contain 2300 things before the end of the day, their items are just that beautiful. 

Click here to visit My Scattered Heart  

Credits: My Scattered Heart

Credits: My Scattered Heart

Credits: My Scattered Heart


If you're in need of something formal (including formal dance dresses and suits ;) ) then this online shop is just for you! They have absolutely gorgeous designs that are perfect for a special evening. They also have a range of accessories as well as a men's collection. 

Click here to visit Poised 

Credits: Poised 

Credits: Poised

Welcome all teens of the 21st Century. This one is just for you. The perfect online shop for teens, Showpo has exactly what you've been eyeing out on all those Instagram Influencers these past few months. From matching sets to my favourite, their to-die-for Paris Edit, you'll be drooling over fabulous pieces of fashion in no time. 

Click here to visit Showpo

Credits: Showpo

Credits: Showpo

Alien Mood 

Alien Mood, is the best place to shop for all your party clothes. They specialise in everything teen and for those of you who have a bit more of an edge in your fashion sense, this is the perfect place to shop. Plus, they always have fabulous sales. 

Click here to visit Alien Mood

Credits: Alien Mood  
Credits: Alien Mood

The Monarch of online shopping in South Africa. Superbalist, what would I do without you? They stock all the biggest brands for cheaper prices than in store and they have a super quick, super reliable  delivery service that comes right to your front door. Superbalist is definitely one of my favourites. 

Click here to visit Superbalist and make sure to head to your app store to get their fabulous app. 


Zaful is an online gem that stocks super trendy clothing for both men and woman. They have a beautiful range of dresses, tops, swimwear and much, much more and an amazing delivery service. I can definitely recommend Zaful as a place where every teens shopping desires are met. 

Click here to visit Zaful 

Credits: Zaful

Credits: Zaful 


Designer heaven is the best way to describe Net-a-porter. From Gucci to ChloĆ©, they have everything that could possibly satisfy your designer needs. Although their prices and brands are a bit high end, they are the perfect place to shop at when you feel the need to treat yourself. At the end of the day, everyone needs a little spoil once in a while ;)

Click here to visit Net-a-porter

Credits: Net-a-porter

Credits: Net-a-porter

And there you have it! Your ultimate guide to the absolute best online shops. I must admit that it took me hours to write this blog post because I got extremely distracted looking at all the fabulous pieces of fashion that all these fabulous online stores have to offer. I hope you keep this guide on hand whenever you’re looking to shop online! P. S make sure you're commenting some of your favorite online shops in the comments below! 



Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Ultimate Summer Body Workout with bonus exercises by renowned Personal Trainer Karabo Dilebo

This week whilst I was lying on the couch, eating my Pringles and second pot noodle simultaneously, I saw an ad for a Summer Body Bootcamp and it dawned on me that although summer is getting closer, my ideal summer body is not even close to being ready. So believe it or not, I actually made a change. The next day I was at the gym and had asked one of my favourite people and the best personal trainer, Karabo Dilebo to help me set up The Ultimate Summer Body Workout for you, and for me. So reader, join me on this quest to get the Ultimate Summer Body with these 4 easy exercises plus some bonus exercises from the ultimate personal trainer, Karabo Dilebo. 

P.S. It's best to complete 4 sets of each exercise ;) 

1. Sit-ups 
Amount: 15 
Tips: The closer your feet are to your bum the harder the sit-up will be. Make sure that your hands are crossed on your chest and when you come up, they touch your knees. 
Working: Abs 

2. Toe Touches 
Amount: 15 
Tips: Make sure your legs are straightly raised above your head and you look at your toes the whole time.
Working: Upper abs 

3. Plank 
Amount: 20 seconds 
Tips: Make sure that your body is flat and your bum is down. If you raise your feet, more emphasis will be put on your shoulders.
Working: Abs & Shoulders 

4. Box Jumps 
Amount: 10 
Tips: If you're scared of falling, you won't! Just lift those legs and believe in yourself. You've got this. 
Working: Cardio - legs 

Before you head off to try these super cool exercises, there is something else you can do to get the Ultimate Summer Body much faster. 

If you want to achieve the Ultimate Summer Body, there is one ultimate thing you need to do. Contacting Karabo Dilebo, renowned Personal Trainer, changed my life. I have been training with Karabo for a year and I have lost a little over 30 Kilograms and have learned so much more about keeping my body healthy and happy. I can honestly say, he is a miracle worker and if you are looking to achieve your goals, he is definitely someone you need to get in touch with. 

Make sure you're getting in touch with Karabo at:

Here are a few exercises he has provided just for you! And even though I promise he won't make you do this on the first day, we dare you to be a little ambitious when training for your Ultimate, Summer Body ;) 



Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Tan Lab is Keeping us Golden, All Year Round

A while ago, in my Phuket beaches that cannot be missed blog post that you can click here to view ;)  I wrote about being able to forget all about that spray tan on the Thai beaches, but we don't always have hours to spend on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere in order to get that perfect glow. Well, I am proud to say that I have found a solution. 

The Tan Lab is the fabulous institution that is keeping us golden, literally all year long. No matter where you live or what season you're in you can always count on them to keep you glowing all year round. And what's better, now you don't even have to leave the house to have bronzed skin.

The Tan Lab, who is proudly affiliated with Beauty without Cruelty, strives to encourage sensible tanning. Gone are the days of lying in the sun and soaking up not just the rays but also all the malignant skin cancer tumours you can find. Not to be morbid or anything. Now I'm definitely not saying that if you spend even a minute in the sun you are going to get skin cancer, however it is a lot better for us to get tans by to use self tanning lotions than sun beds or by exposing ourselves to the suns rays for hours on end in order to get a glimmer of a tan. There's just something about lying on a lounger on a tropical island in the latest style swimsuit that has the biggest appeal on us teens.

Besides the lesser chance of getting skin cancer that self tanning lotion allows us to have, it has another huge plus. It is definite that you won't have to get burned first. That means no more looking like a tomato for your entire holiday in order to be "sun kissed" when you go back to school. Take me for example. Yesterday afternoon I came home from gym and exfoliated my skin with The Tan Lab's Micro-Exfoliant powder. I then added The Barrier Cream to my knees, elbows and ankles and applied the fair version of The Tan Lab's Self Tan. The whole process took me 30 minutes and now, even though I have 3 layers on and 2 thick blankets on top of me, it looks like I have just returned from a Caribbean Cruise. 30 minutes, less cancer, more tan and it's the middle of winter here and I'm golden ;)

You'd never guess it's the middle of winter right? 

The Tan Lab offers amazing tanning solutions for all skin tones and they have a philosophy of "less is more." The philosophy all tanning companies should have. They have special formulas that create the most natural looking tans and contain unique ingredients that allow the tans to last longer and fade evenly. Plus, it leaves your skin not only looking delicious but smelling delicious too.

This was by far the easiest and least time consuming tanning session I have ever had and I highly recommend using The Tan Lab's fantastic products whenever you're looking for that perfect, instant glow. 

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